Diagnostic and Tune-UP
House or Office Call and  Diagnostic - Is your computer on the fritz? Is it slow or sluggish? Is your computer not booting up? Are you
having network issues? Our professional computer tech will come to your home or office to diagnose any problem, and then
recommend the appropriate repair, upgrade or tune-up. This is our basic service. If you bring your computer in to our shop, there is no
house call charge diagnostics are free!

Virtual House Call - Fast and convenient, we can remotely connect to your computer and perform diagnostic and tune-up services.
Without the need for a tech to show up at your door, we and connect to your computer through the Internet  and provide assistance in
real time. Many problem can quickly be resolved. If a follow-up regular house call is needed to finish servicing you computer, the
regular house call fee will be waived. Price includes up to one hour of remote help.
$59 per 1/2 hour click here for more info

Tune-up - If your computer is not as fast as it used to be, chances are you need a tune-up. With this service, we examine all
background processes running on your computer and remove those that are unnecessarily draining system resources. Our
knowledgeable tech also tunes Windows to keep your computer running efficiently. The tune-up service includes the download and
installation of necessary software and driver updates. Sunset Computer recommends having a computer tune-up once a year to keep
your machine in top shape and running smoothly. $8

System Restoration - If your system fails to boot and displays a "bad" or "missing" file error, this service will have you up and running
quickly. We will replace the missing or damaged files and restore your computer to full functionality.

System ReloadWhen your damaged system files cannot be repaired with our system restoration service, then you will need to have
you operating system reloaded Our expert tech will back-up your personal files, clean your hard disk and re-install your operating
system. All your personal files will  be copied back onto your computer.
Hardware Service
Hard Drive Upgrade - Need more storage space for your music, photos and videos? Upgrade to a larger hard disk or install an
additional drive. Our professional computer tech will help you choose the best new hard disk for your computer, install it, and set it up.
This includes copying all your old files onto the new hard disk, if you choose.

Faulty Hard Drive Replacement - Nothing can slow you down faster than a hard drive crash. Our experienced tech will replace your
faulty hard drive and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. This service includes the re-installation of  your operating
system or recovery disk, if you have them.

Hardware / Software Inatallation - If you have a faulty piece of hardware, we can replace it. If you want to increase you computer's
performance or add new capabilities, we can recommend the best hardware and install it for you. Need help installing software? We
can do that for you, too!

Memory Upgrade - A memory or RAM upgrade can be one of the most cost effective ways to improve performance. Our computer techs
will recommend the best compatible memory for your computer and install it.
Data and Security
Data Recovery - If your hard drive crashes with your valuable data on it, all hope is not lost. Our data recovery service may be able to
recover some or all of your important files. Prices for data recovery service will vary, depending on the condition of the hard drive and
the amount of data to be recovered. Accidentally delete important files? We can help with that too. Call for more information.

Virus, Spy-ware and Ad-ware Removal – Spy-ware and Ad-ware can be found on nearly all computers that are not properly protected.
Though they are not all harmful, most will slow down your web connection and possibly expose your private information to potential
identity thieves. Viruses are less common, but they can be very destructive and cause permanent loss of your important files. Our
experienced computer tech will use the most up to date techniques to detect and remove these harmful pieces of software from your
Networking and Consulting
Home & Office Network / Internet Help – Need help connecting to the Internet or email? Want to share files or printers in your home or
office? Do you need your computers to share an Internet connection? We have wired and wireless network solutions to fit your needs.
$59 (First 4 devices, $29 each additional device)

New Computer Set-up - New technology can be complicated. We can help you set up your new computer. Our knowledgeable
computer tech will configure your new computer and migrate data from your old system. Additionally, we will configure email and install
programs you have media for.
Detailed Menu of services
*Note: The list price if for
service only. Hardware
may be required at an
additional cost.
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